Stellemploy chefs perform

Stellemploy proudly congratulates our first group of students who completed the twelve-month certificated course in Food Preparation and Cooking on 7 June 2012. All ten of the students who qualified for the final City & Guilds international examination passed; five with distinction and five passed with merit. 

What an amazing outcome! Stellemploy would like to extend it's gratitude to Chef Léta du Toit October for all all her hard work, and who is also extremely happy with her students' performance.

What makes this achievement more exceptional was that some of these students were unable to pass Matric, due to various social and economic situations. Four out of this group have already been able to find employment.

Students from developing communities were selected mainly from the short cooking courses Stellemploy had presented over the previous two years. During these short courses it became clear that some of these students had the potential to become fully qualified chefs. Stellemploy used donor funds to first expose these students to basic cooking and knife skills, in the process improving their confidence. 

Aware of these students’ potential, we considered it an important new challenge to run a pilot project in the community for training professional chefs. Ms Letitia Prinsloo from ICA, indicated a willingness to assist with the implementation of the operationally functioning City & Guilds Certificate programme. 

Funding was our biggest problem at the time, but we were able to convince two donors, SSACI and Distell, to fund the pilot project. On 1 August 2011 the training commenced in co-operation with ICA and with Chef Léta as the lecturer. All the theory and practical classes were presented at the Stellemploy Training Centre. At the end of November 2011 the students started their internship at Apprentice Restaurant. Chef Léta monitored the students on a regular basis and prepared them for the final examination by presenting regular theoretical revision classes at our office.

Students were exposed to additional learning experiences, e.g. at the Cape Wine Academy they learned how to match food and wines - certain foods enhance the  tastes of specific wine cultivars and vice versa. Just before writing their final examination, the students also did a First Aid course to prepare them for the workplace.

Passing with flying colours was not the only achievement of this group. Three students, Marvin Robyn, Ivoné Hamilton and Nolin Daniels decided to enter for the Galliova Student Food Writer’s competition. Five students achieved awards in the student’s category, and three of those were from Stellemploy!

Why you should support our organisation

At Stellemploy we have the privilege of being able to see the potential of people in developing communities first hand. Limited funds are often an obstacle in the way of individuals being able to follow a career and leave the poverty cycle behind.

In these hard economic times Stellemploy is finding it difficult to continue with its valuable work and is appealing to everyone to please try and help this essential work to continue by making a commitment to contribute towards the running cost of the NGO.

Not only will you be helping the unemployed, but indirectly you will also be helping to eliminate the sort of crime which stems from unemployment.

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